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Academic journal papers
Shehab, H., Watanabe, H., Kurose, R., Kitagawa, T., Numerical study on effects of turbulence scale on spherically propagating hydrogen flames within multiple flame radii, International Journal of Automotive Engineering, 10(4), 292-298 (2019).
Muto, M., Watanabe, H., Kurose, R., Large-eddy simulation of pulverized coal combustion in multi-burner system -Effect of in-furnace blending method on NO emission, Advanced Powder Technology, 30, 3153-3162 (2019).
Yu, P., Watanabe, H., Zhang, W., Kurose, R., Kitagawa, T., Flamelet model for a three-feed non-premixed combustion system with a diluent stream: Analysis and validation of quasi-two-dimensional flamelet (Q2DF) models, Energy and Fuels, 33, 4640-4650 (2019).
Ahn, S., Tainaka, K., Watanabe, H., Kitagawa, K., Experimental and numerical analysis of turbulent pulverized coal flame in a coaxial burner, Energy, 179, 727-735 (2019).
Ahn, S., Watanabe, H., Kitagawa, T., Numerical investigation on the detail structure of a coaxial coal jet flame using LES with elementary reactions, Energy and Fuels, 33, 4621-4631 (2019).
Ahn, S., Watanabe, H., Kitagawa, T., Effect of devolatilization model on flame structure of pulverized coal combustion in a jet-burner system, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 33 (4), 1973-1979 (2019).
Hayashi, J., Hashimoto, N., Nakatsuka, N., Tainaka, K., Tsuji, H., Tanno, K., Watanabe, H., Makino, H., Akamatsu, F., Simultaneous imaging of Mie scattering, PAHs laser induced fluorescence and soot laser induced incandescence to a lab-scale turbulent jet pulverized coal flame, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37, 3045-3052 (2019).
Takahashi, H., Hashimoto, N., Watanabe, H., Kurose, R., Fujita, O., Prediction of soot formation characteristics in a pulverized coal combustion field by large eddy simulations with the TDP model, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37, 2883-2891 (2019).
川島知之, 村尾明紀, 山本尚貴, 安藤誠, 岡田淳, 渡邊裕章, LESと拡張CPDモデルを用いた高炉羽口部の微粉炭燃焼挙動の予測, 鉄と鋼, 104(12), 766-775 (2018).
Zhang, W., Tainaka, K., Ahn, S., Watanabe, H., Kitagawa, T., Experimental and numerical investigation of effects of particle shape and size distribution on particles’ dispersion in a coaxial jet flow, Advanced Powder Technology, 29, 2322-2330 (2018).
Zhang, W., Watanabe, H., Kitagawa, T., Numerical investigation of effects of particle shape on dispersion in an isotropic turbulent flow, Advanced Powder Technology, 29, 2048-2060 (2018).
Yu, P., Norinaga, K., Watanabe, H., Kitagawa, T., Prediction of hot coke oven gas reforming by LES coupled with the extended flamelet/progress variable approach, Fuel, 231, 234-243 (2018).
Zhang, W., Watanabe, H., Kitagawa, T., Direct numerical simulation of ignition of a single particle freely moving in a uniform flow, Advanced Powder Technology, 28, 2893-2902 (2017).
Ahn, S., Tanno, K., Watanabe, H., Numerical analysis of particle dispersion and combustion characteristics on a piloted coaxial pulverized coal jet flame, Applied Thermal Engineering, 124, 1194-1202 (2017).
Umemoto, S., Kajitani, S., Miura, K., Watanabe, H., Kawase, M., “Extension of the chemical percolation devolatilization model for predicting formation of tar compounds as soot precursor in coal gasification”, Fuel Processing Technology, 159, 256-265 (2017).
Review papers
Watanabe, H., Kurose, R., Modeling and simulation of coal gasification on an entrained flow coal gasifier, Advanced Powder Technology, in press,
Cai, R., Luo, K., Watanabe, H., Kurose, R., Fan, J., Recent progress in high-fidelity simulations of pulverized coal combustion, Advanced Powder Technology, in press,
渡邊裕章, 石炭ガス化炉内現象の数値シミュレーション, 日本ガスタービン学会誌, 47(6), 411-417 (2019).
丹野賢二, 渡邊裕章, 石炭ガス化炉を対象とした燃焼・ガス化数値シミュレーション, 日本燃焼学会誌, 60 (194), 242-248 (2018).
泰中一樹, 橋本望, 梅本賢, 中塚記章, 林潤, 渡邊裕章, 赤松史光, 牧野尚夫, 微粉炭燃焼場におけるすす計測技術, 粉体工学会誌, 55 (5), 275-281 (2018).
林潤, 赤松史光, 中塚記章, 橋本望, 渡邊裕章, 黒瀬良一, 泰中一樹, 辻博文, 牧野尚夫, 微粉炭噴流火炎に対する光学計測, 粉体工学会誌, 55 (3), 138-146 (2018).
渡邊裕章, 微粉炭燃焼・石炭ガス化の数値シミュレーション, 粉体工学会誌, 54 (2), 130-137 (2017).
黒瀬良一, 渡邊裕章, 武藤昌也, 火力発電の高効率化・低環境負荷化に資する燃焼数値シミュレーション, ながれ, 35 (1), 13-20 (2016).
丹野賢二, 渡邊裕章, 牧野尚夫, Oxy Fuel IGCC用石炭ガス化炉を対象とした数値シミュレーション, 日本エネルギー学会誌, 94 (5), 403-412 (2015).
渡邊裕章, ラージ・エディ・シミュレーションによる微粉炭燃焼場のNOx生成予測 –複数スケールの燃焼場への適用–, 可視化情報学会誌, 35 (137), 70-75 (2015).
林潤, 橋本望, 中塚記章, 辻博文, 渡邊裕章, 牧野尚夫, 赤松史光, 微粉炭火炎中におけるすす生成特性の光学計測, 微粒化, 24 (81), 17-24 (2015).
原三郎, 梶谷史朗, 渡邊裕章, 犬丸淳, 基礎実験による石炭ガス化炉内現象の解明とモデル化, 日本燃焼学会誌, 56 (177), 212-218 (2014).
渡邊裕章, 梅本賢, 木戸口和浩, 牧野尚夫, 実験と数値シミュレーションを活用した石炭ガス化炉開発手法, 日本エネルギー学会誌, 93 (7), 631-638 (2014).
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渡邊裕章, 野田直希, 牧野尚夫, 小型試験炉および数値計算を用いた微粉炭燃焼特性評価, 日本エネルギー学会誌, 92, 121-130 (2013).
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渡邊裕章, 牧野尚夫, 石炭利用発電技術の高度化に向けた研究開発, 混相流, 25, 300-307 (2011).
渡邊裕章, 黒瀬良一, 牧野尚夫, 燃焼により発生するすすの生成モデルと数値シミュレーション, エアロゾル研究, 23, 79-85 (2008).
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